Product Overview

Stress Crack Test

Project Overview

TRI has developed a new stress crack test that uses a material’s own contaminants to challenge its response to load. This is especially important in the evaluation of materials with recycled content where contamination may serve a s stress risers accelerating cracking.

Project Details

The UCLS test was developed by TRI under a NCHRP research contract, and consists of testing un-notched specimens at a constant stress level in DI water at elevated temperatures and relying on contaminants to act as a stress riser to originate slow crack growth.

Impact: The UCLS test has been standardized in ASTM F3181, Standard Test Method for The Un-notched, Constant Ligament Stress Crack Test (UCLS) for HDPE Materials Containing Post- Consumer Recycled HDPE. The UCLS tests has proven to be an effective tool in predicting the long term service life of plastic pipe manufactured with recycled content.


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