Texas Research International, Inc., has successfully developed fleet and field-proven products and technologies for the US DoD and the commercial sector for more than 30 years.

Scott Strehli

Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of TRI International, Inc.

Scott Strehli, an Austin native, joined TRI in 2006 and became Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of TRI in November 2014.  Prior to TRI, Mr. Strehli spent 11 years in several director and officer level positions in the airline and real estate industries and also lived in Russia overseeing the finance and accounting for a small technology company. Today, Mr. Strehli oversees the strategic direction of TRI and it’s 10 international subsidiaries as well as TRI’s real estate portfolio.  He leads all commercialization efforts associated with internally developed products and services. Mr. Strehli is also currently the co-trustee of the TRI Thornton Foundation and Board Member of Communities for Recovery.

Laura Collins

Chief Financial Officer of TRI International, Inc.

Laura Collins joined TRI in 2016. Her extensive experience in operations and cost and financial accounting in a manufacturing environment includes 3 years as CFO at new space firm, XCOR Aerospace Inc and prior to that 13 years as General Manager/ Finance Leader of Acme Aerospace Inc, a developer and manufacturer of batteries, chargers, & other power supply sources used in both military and commercial aerospace applications. Ms. Collins possesses strong leadership, organizational and decision-making skills, and proven ability to work hands-on to meet day to day requirements.   Today, Ms. Collins oversees the financial functions of TRI and all its subsidiaries, supporting Scott Strehli with financial and operational strategy. Ms. Collins holds a Masters of Financial and Accounting Management, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas.

Dr. Michael Dingus

Vice President & Technical Director of TRI Austin, Inc.

Dr. Michael Dingus joined TRI as a Senior Project Scientist in 1994 and has risen to the position of Vice President and Technical Director. Dr. Dingus has a PhD and MA in Physics from Duke University and a B.A. in Scholars Studies with Concentration in Physics from the University of Tennessee. Prior to TRI, Dr. Dingus was in the R&D department of  Alabama Cryogenic Engineering developing Cryocooler Technology for Aerospace and Defense Applications. His wide array of scientific expertise include Polymer Chemistry, Composite Materials Engineering, Non-Destructive Testing, Reliability Engineering, and Accelerated Life Testing.

Dr. Dingus holds the following patents: Non-Toxic Lead Substitute Composite Material (USP#6048379), High Density Composite Material (USP#6517774), Decontamination Aid for Hazardous Material Responder Protective Clothing (USP#5670489), Methods and Compositions for Cleaning and Decontamination (USP#5670469), Chemically and Biologically Resistant Hydration System (USP#8166969), Perforated Barrier Material for Filtration (USP#5510194)

Sam Allen

Vice President and Division Manager of TRI Environmental, Inc.

Sam Allen is an experienced professional with a background in chemical and materials engineering, with specialization in the field of polymer testing and geosynthetics. He began his career in the geotechnical and construction materials testing field and has broadened the scope of his involvement in environmental engineering to include geosynthetics technology with specialization in laboratory testing operations. Presently Mr. Allen serves as Division Manager for TRI’s geosynthetics program, which includes routine conformance testing services and chemical compatibility testing as well as sponsored R&D supported by government and industry. He is a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials Committees D35 on Geosynthetic Materials and has recently been elected as first Vice-Chair of this organization. He currently serves on the Technical Advisory Board of Geotechnical Fabrics Report, a geosynthetics industry trade journal. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Geosynthetics Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Finally, Mr. Allen serves as the Convenor of Working Group 5 on durability within ISO TC221.

Jonathon Sauseda

Vice President of TRI Air Testing, Inc.

Jonathon Sauseda joined TRI Air Testing in 2014 as the Director of Operations and was promoted to Vice President of TRI Air Testing in July 2015. Jonathon currently oversees the management of daily operations with a focus on current and future opportunities within the realm of compressed air testing. Prior to joining TRI Air Testing, Mr. Sauseda was the Project Manager for Omni Water Solutions and was the Laboratory Supervisor for Joule Unlimited, where he was directly responsible for both laboratory sites in Texas and New Mexico, as well as the planning and implementations of on-site testing. Mr. Sauseda holds a MBA with a concentration in Project Management and a B.A. in Social Science. Jonathon served five years in the US. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman (0000) and Medical Laboratory Technician (8506) and also has his HACCP and MLT certification.