Tibbetts Award at the White House


February 23rd, 2017

Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. (TRI) Media Contact: Shanti Matulewski

AUSTIN, Texas – (February 23rd, 2017) Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. (TRI/Austin) has been recognized with the Tibbetts award through the participation in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Vice President of TRI/Austin, Dr. Michael Dingus and Director of Business Development, Vince Newton, accepted the award on January 9th, 2017 at the Eisenhower Building within the White House complex in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) ensures that the nation’s high-tech, innovative small businesses are a significant part of the federal government’s research and development efforts. Through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, the SBA ensures that these competitive programs continue to help thousands of leading edge businesses advance technologically and stimulate economic growth.

The annual SBIR Tibbetts awards are presented to SBIR/STTR program participants and supporters that have created a significant economic and social impact through the use of SBIR/STTR funding and are considered the cream of the crop from the thousands of firms that currently participate in the program. The 24th Administrator of the SBA, Maria Contreras-Sweet, awarded 37 deserving small businesses for successfully serving federal development needs and increasing commercialization of federal research.

Vice President and Technical director of TRI/Austin, Dr. Michael Dingus said: “We are honored to receive this Tibbetts award. SBIR/STTR is an excellent program that leverages the innovation and agility of small businesses to develop solutions for the DoD, and other Government agencies. The SBIR/STTR program supports the development of new technologies and prod-ucts that meet unresolved operational needs.”

TRI/Austin’s 30 year relationship with the SBIR program is a major contribution to the the company’s success. Just into 8 years as a company, with 19 employees, TRI received it’s first SBIR award. Since then, TRI partitioned into three subsidiaries. TRI/International became the parent holding company of TRI/Austin (research and product development), TRI/Environmental (testing internationally), and TRI Applied Technologies was formed to launch new SBIR support- ed innovations that are now commercially available.

TRI/Austin has produced a multitude of technological advances over the years due to its work with the SBIR/STTR projects. TRI/Austin’s Marine Grease™ lubrication used in submarine hangers, the newest SBIR product developed in 2016, is resistant to water washout, prevents corrosion and passed the NAVSEA P-9290 certification for off-gassing of volatile compounds which is crucial in confined spaces. TRI/Austin’s Bond-Coat™, sponsored by the Navy SBIR program, dramatically extends the life of submarine and oil exploration underwater connectors. TRI/Austin’s Proteckt™ is a revolutionary lightweight blast injury mitigating material. TRI/Austin’s EcoMass® Compounds (www.ecomass.com) was developed for the Army as a non-toxic lead substitute, and was taken to the public through a partnership with Ideas to Market, LP. A com-plete list of TRI/Austin’s R&D services and Technology Portfolio can be found at http://tri-austin.com/. About Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.

Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. conducts advanced materials R&D projects and is proudly based in Austin, Texas. For almost 40 years, TRI/Austin provides material testing services for the defense, oil & gas, and commercial markets, providing superior cost-effective solutions. Our scientists and engineers generate the highest quality products/technologies focusing in specialty materials, composites engineering, custom polymers and accelerated life testing and structural health monitoring systems. For more information visit http://tri-austin.com/. ###