Compressed Air Testing 

TRI developed a Compressed Air Testing Kit to capture a non-pressurized sample of compressed air at source or Point of Use (POU). Our patented air/gas sampling equipment was designed originally for the U.S. Navy Diver’s compressed air quality sampling in 1975.

The TRI system, used today, employs a method that lowers the pressure of both high pressure and low pressure air supplies to under 3 atmospheres absolute pressure, which in turn reduces the size and weight of the equipment and containers needed to obtain accurate samples. TRI currently holds the U.S. Navy Diver’s air sampling contract.  

TRI Air Testing, Inc., an AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited laboratory, provides worldwide compressed air testing for:  SQFISO8573medicalmanufacturingpharmaceuticalfood/beveragefirefightersscubaOSHAindustrial companies and the Government/Military.


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