EcoMASS® Compounds have the same density as lead and can be molded into virtually any shape using standard high-volume projection techniques. This Non-Toxic theromoplastic material lead substitute was developed for the US Army and used in firing ranges, where millions of dollars are currently being spent each year in the remediation of lead contamination. It has been delivered to the US Army in million round lots of small arms ammunition. In any application where a high density material is required, Ecomass® Compounds can be used without the toxicity concerns of lead. Examples of the applications are radiation shielding, vibration dampening, weighting and balancing, frangible projectiles. 

TRI/Austin developed this technology and subsequently contributed the technology to a start-up company, Ideas to Market, LLC, in exchange for a significant ownership in the company. Ideas to Market, LLC has generated sales in excess of $15 Million since this transition.

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