LAHMP™ System

On-board structural health monitoring of aircraft is necessary for long term safety and to maximize useful life of components while minimizing maintenance and downtime. Applications where weight and size are critical require small, powerful embedded systems that draw low power. LAHMP™ fulfills these needs and can perform a variety of functions including acquiring data from various COTS analog and digital sensors, signal conditioning, data analysis, storage, and wireless or wired communications. LAHMP™ is based on COTS, and is therefore highly configurable while conforming to industry and military standards.

In preparation for ground and flight tests aboard an Air Force F-15 E1, TRI’s Phase II SBIR team partner Boeing Phantom Works coordinated thermal, EMI/RFI, and G-force testing of LAHMP™. LAHMP™ was operating during all tests, and none of the environmental extremes hampered LAHMP. Boeing then facilitated a ground test aboard the F-15 on 14 September 2006 and LAHMP™ was fully functional throughout the flight test and collected structural health data on two bulkheads.

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