There are few environments more challenging than the surface of a Navy air craft carrier. Tough-Grip™ nonskid coating is the first Navy qualified product to be 100% solids and solvent free. This non-skid coating required for ship decks must withstand tail-hook impacts and arresting wire slap from landing aircraft, heavy vehicular traffic, oil, chemical and fuel spills, intense sunlight, wide temperature extremes, and persistent salt spray. 

TRI/Austin’s Tough-Grip Aircraft carrier landing area nonskid coating has exhibited superior durability and performance when compared with legacy systems, with over 12,000 aircraft landings on the USS Truman. A full landing area installation aboard the USS Truman received excellent reviews from the fleet, and raised the bar for polymeric nonskid shipboard performance.

In parallel tests with the Navy evaluation, Tough-Grip™ Non-Skid Coating is undergoing sea-trials on a fleet of tug boats in the Houston Harbor and is being considered for use on off-shore oil rigs and other hazardous locations where safety of personnel and equipment is crucial.


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