Accelerated Life Testing

TRI Austin has broad experience in failure analysis and accelerated life testing. We have proven expertise in identifying, correcting, and mitigating failures in a wide range of materials and engineered systems. These include electronic and electromechanical systems and sensors. We can quickly tell you how well your systems will tolerate their expected environment and conditions.

We’re skilled in accelerated life testing, highly accelerated life testing, highly accelerated stress testing, composite overwrapped pressure vessel, and unmanned aircraft systems testing.

TRI Austin’s reliability engineers will design your accelerated life tests based on Nelson’s treatise principles. We measure lifetime at a series of increasing stress levels. This lets us estimate lifetime at normal use levels with a high degree of confidence in a fraction of the time the product should last in the field.

For detailed questions, feel free to contact us. And for more information, visit the TRI Austin page on accelerated life testing.