Compressed Air/Gas Testing and Analysis

TRI Air Testing pioneered the science of compressed air testing. We designed our patented air and gas sampling equipment to sample compressed air quality for US Navy divers. To this day, we hold their air sampling contract. We also help thousands of companies develop compressed air testing programs.

We provide compressed air and gas testing and offer independent laboratory support for industries worldwide. Our lab is accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

We’re standards compliant and skilled in the Compressed Air Proficiency Testing Program. And we’re dependable, with 41-plus years of compressed air testing services. Our extensive suite of industry-specific tests offers our clients safety, compliance, validation, and peace of mind.

We take care of all phases of compressed air and gas testing, including nonviable particulate, water, oil, air composition, and microbiological.

For detailed questions, feel free to contact us. And for more information, visit the TRI Air Testing website.