NDIToolbox is an extensible signal and image processing application written in Python. It’s designed to help analyze complex NDI data.


It will plot and preview NDE data files.

It can export plots as PNG, EPS, PDF, etc.

It features some basic data manipulation routines (more are added all the time).

It uses the open source Hierarchical Data Format for data files. You can access your data from other tools including Java, MATLAB, IDL, and C/C++.

It generates thumbnails of data files, making it easier to browse through reams of data.

It’s extensible with plugins. You can write your own NDI analysis scripts without worrying about creating a user interface.

It can import images as data (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, EPS, etc.).

It will import basic DICOM / DICONDE data files.

It will import and export delimited ASCII data files.

Its Probability of Detection (POD) Toolkit can create, edit, and run POD models of NDI measurements.

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