Worldwide Compressed Air Testing For Fire Service, Scuba, OSHA, Medical, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Industrial Companies and Government and Military.


TRI Air Testing, Inc. proudly pioneered the science of compressed air testing.  TRI’s patented air/gas sampling equipment was designed in 1975 for the U.S. Navy Divers. Since then, TRI Air Testing, Inc. continues to sponsor the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard D.C.A.T. program as well as other branches of the United States military. 

Over the years, TRI Air Testing, Inc. has gained vast experience servicing a wide variety of industries. As an AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited laboratory, TRI Air Testing provides worldwide compressed air testing for, but not excluding the following industries; Fire Services, SCUBA, OSHA, Medical, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Food/Beverage and the Government/Military.

TRI Air Testing provides the dependability of 42+ years of compressed air testing experience and offers an extensive suite of industry-specific tests for safety, compliance and peace of mind. As part of the annual 4,000,000 tests performed, TRI offers fast 24-hour turnaround times on most analyses via MyAir™ with online access to laboratory reports, invoices, account status and more. TRI participates in more than  30 on-site customer audits per year and has HACCP and PCQI certified employees on staff. TRI Air Testing provides a no cost consultation to help assess testing needs and create customized solutions to international standards for an individualized compressed air testing program.

Compressed Air/Gas Testing and Analysis

TRI Air Testing is an AIHA Accredited Laboratory. We provide the dependability of 40+ years of compressed air testing services and an extensive suite of industry-specific tests for safety and compliance. Solutions for compressed air testing to international standards are provided with excellence in science and quality.

Dealer Program

Over the past 40 years, we have built an international network of Dealers and Distributors that carry our products and can service your compressed air testing needs. Please contact TRI Air Testing to have a dealer in your area to come out and perform compressed air testing services for your company.