TRI Environmental, Inc. (TRI) is an independent, third party, global materials testing and research company.

TRI Environmental Inc. (TRI) is an independent, third party, materials firm providing geosynthetics, geotechnical and protective clothing testing and research services to the international community. TRI is unaffiliated with any manufacturer or engineering firm, and thus provides non-competitive services to regulators, manufacturer, engineering firms, contractors and installers. TRI provides laboratory conformance/verification/certification testing as well as performance related studies.

TRI California- Precision Geosynthetic Laboratories

Offers premier testing and research laboratory services throughout the US and Greater Asia. As an independent, third-party laboratory with well over 88 years of collective experience we provide a broad range of testing services and products for the geosynthetic, geotechnical, plastic pipe, protective glove, and related technical textile industries. Our expertise in testing, research, education, and certification are highly sought after and we welcome you to our company with global reach and laboratories on Five Continents.

TRI China

TRI Geosynthetic Testing and Services (Suzhou) Co. Limited- Offers premier testing and research laboratory services throughout Asia and services for those sourcing products from Greater Asia. As an independent, third-party laboratory with well over 88 years of collective experience we provide a broad range of testing services and products for the geosynthetic, geotechnical, plastic pipe, protective glove, and related technical textile industries.

TRI Brazil

TRI Ambiental do Brasil Ltda, TRI-Brazil, is the South American office of TRI Environmental, Inc. TRI-Brazil is a third-party, independent, geosynthetic company, with no affiliation to other companies in the geosynthetic market, providing laboratory and field testing, consulting and research to the international geosynthetic community. TRI provides services with neutrality to landfill owners/operators, mining companies, regulators, manufacturers, engineering companies, contractors and installers.

TRI South Carolina

TRI employs trained technicians, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and the necessary equipment for all standardized test methods, and many non-standard test methods. All standard test methods can be run at any time. Typically, index testing can be completed and reported within one week of sample receipt (depending on existing workload). Bench-scale and large-scale testing turn-around also depends on lab workload, but is typically 6 to 8 weeks, including report issuance.

TRI Africa

TRI Africa Environmental Services is an independent, third-party specialist consulting firm who is able to monitor, in real time, the daily installation and progress of all geosynthetic materials on-site though construction quality assurance services including state-of-the-art Electrical Leak Location surveying/testing. Un-associated with any contractor, installer, engineering or academic interest, TRI Africa is completely independent and works in non-competitive concert with all clients and sponsors. The services offered by TRI Africa Environmental Services are designed to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, as well as ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements.

TRI Australasia

TRI Australasia Pty Ltd (TRI) is a NATA accredited independent, geosynthetics laboratory providing geosynthetics testing and research services to the international community. TRI is Australia’s only geosynthetic focused laboratory, with the capabilities to test the full range of geosynthetics. Our staff are active on ASTM’s Committee D35, ISO TC 221 and Standards Australia’s CE020 for geosynthetics testing, and assure the most up-to-date, state-of- the-art testing systems and standard operating procedures. 

TRI provides geosynthetics and geotechnical index and performance testing assuring construction materials compliance with design and specification criteria. TRI tests a variety of sample materials including all geomembranes, geotextiles, geonets and geocomposites, geogrids and geofoam, pipe, rock and aggregate materials. Testing includes measurement of index, bench-scale, performance, design factor and chemical resistance properties. TRI lab testing is augmented with independent sampling of geosynthetic materials in manufacturing facilities world-wide, thereby avoiding customer shipments of materials that do not meet project specifications.

TRI is the leader in providing manufacturing audits serving to verify compliance to customer project requirements. TRI also secures independently selected product samples for subsequent testing and verification to customer criteria. TRI personnel perform these services to assist our clients in procuring geosynthetic and protective clothing materials from Asian, South American, African and European manufacturing facilities and production plants all over the world. TRI verifies that the products shipped are the products wanted.

TRI provides field leak location testing services throughout the world. TRI also provides customers with training and certification services to assist the growth of this important technology for protection of the ground water table. In addition to field testing, TRI has also designed equipment that we sell and lease to others for use in their own leak location projects.

TRI provides full-service testing of protective gloves, sleeves and related clothing. TRI provides rapid turnaround time on physical, mechanical, and chemical resistance testing and characterization of protective materials.

TRI is a leader in geosynthetic related geotechnical and geoenviromnmental design and construction quality assurance (CQA). Courses are conducted throughout the year to support industry participants with continuing education and enhanced expertise in select subjects. Courses are held in our corporate labs in Austin Texas as well as customer locations.

TRI provides a superior resource for characterization and design support for erosion and sediment control projects. TRI assesses products and assures the performance for channel and slope protection, as well as scour and river/shoreline protection.

TRI’s engineering staff work in non-competitive concert with our sponsors to assist in design and implementation of efficient, cost-effective construction solutions. TRI provides on-site assistance, design review and construction quality assurance support. When material or design failures occur, TRI’s experts assist in determination and cause of failure.

TRI is a major provider of pipe testing and research services. From testing in accordance with AASHTO, ASTM International and ISO test procedures, to evaluation of pipe gaskets and associated service life determinations, TRI supports the manufacturing, design and user communities in verifying the best, most efficient hydraulic performance for a given project.

TRI provides laboratory verification of water vapor and methane gas barrier materials. In addition to routine index and performance testing, TRI also performs the testing to verify compliance to the City of Los Angeles’ specifications LADBS AC-L137 and LADBS AC L021.