Navy sailors must remain at peak performance when tasked with missions involving ever-increasing difficulty. Restful sleep is essential for success, yet noise generated within the close working quarters of ships and submarines can be detrimental to sleep cycles. Therefore, the use of innovative materials is desired to bolster natural sleep for more restorative rest. Noise control treatments can minimize mechanical and other noises onboard Navy platforms.

Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. (TRI Austin), developed a noise control material called ThermaSilence that possesses the required physical and environmental properties for internal shipboard applications. It meets the stringent fire, smoke, and toxicity (FST) requirements of MIL-STD-2031, entitled “Fire and Toxicity Test Methods and QualificationProcedure for Composite Materials Used In Hull, Machinery, and Structural ApplicationsInside Naval Submarines”.

ThermaSilence is easy to use and cost effective for sound isolation where FST resistance is required. This new material can be clad/co-cured in metal or composite skins. Low temperature cure (200 °F) enables ThermaSilence to be fabricated in place on a submarines and surface ships. Its low density of 0.01 lb/in3 (0.28 g/cm3) lends itself to weight-sensitive applications.

We are evaluating various commercial applications for ThermaSilence, wherein its stringent FST properties and effective sound isolation can be used to reduce sound where critical and mitigate fire risk. Applications include various commercial markets such as cruise ships, yachts, trains, and offshore oil rig habitability spaces.

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