Navy sailors must remain at peak performance when tasked with missions involving ever-increasing difficulty. Restful sleep is essential for success, yet noise generated within the close working quarters of ships and submarines can be detrimental to sleep cycles.

Texas Research Institute was established

Texas Research Institute was established as a key player in research and development by Dr. J. Scott Thornton on this date, using the motto “Bridging the gap between science and engineering.” Over time TRI has established an impeccable reputation as a company dedicated to innovative solutions to clients’ problems.

Suspension bridge testing

TRI Austin Awarded R&D 100Award from Research & Development Magazine for developing a robot designed to inspect heavy cables such as those used on suspension bridges. Field trials at the Waldo-Hancock bridge in Bucksport, Maine. This device was used to inspect many suspension bridges across the U.S. including the Golden Gate Bridge.

Green bullets

Developed under the DoD SBIR, TRI developed a non-toxic, lead-free, cost effective, molded projectile core. Green bullets began to replace U.S. Army ammunition made of lead at training facilities around the country. This invention simultaneously reduced costs in lead clean up and protects the environment. It is now commercialized as a lead substitute as the…

Nondestructive analysis of fatigue in cranes

Sudden, catastrophic fatigue failures in 40-50 year old U.S. Navy cranes were posing a significant danger to personnel and equipment. TRI Austin used acoustic emission (AE) NDE techniques to successfully detect fatigue crack growth under laboratory conditions and developed new AE standards, certification procedures, and new crane AE training services for NDE inspection vendors. Photo…